Diagonal cut Diagonal cut

Chevron - Diagonal cut available since now! Design you have grown to love!
Kubicek balloon factory react on demand especially from the USA and proudly offer 24 gore chevron envelopes. Envelopes with those diagonally cutted gores were designed in 6 ! sizes: 77, 90, 105, 120, 130 and 140. (from 2200 to 4000 cubic meters) Price for this option is 800 USD only in adition to the most popular Z types you are familar with.
Envelopes are built of highest quality long lasting Triumph polyester fabric.

For those US clients who will decide to buy an envelope only we will arrange an STC to fit your current basket.

ZOO limited series - wild beast BB20XR just for you

ZOO limited series BB20XR - Cheetah ZOO limited series BB20XR - Eagle ZOO limited series BB20XR - Hummingbird

Limited series of BB20XR racer with unique printed artwork
Actually we offer our best racer BB20XR, just certified in USA, in special limited ZOO series. For a nice price of you get not only standardly equipped envelope incl. scoop, but also bothsides digitally printed "animal" motive of your choice!

We have already produced several envelopes in ZOO design, "Eagle", "Cheetah" and the newest "Hummingbird" are flown in the U.S.A. The next one is already prepared.

In case of your interest in idea of ZOO motive on your next balloon, feel free to contact us for sure.

...and your choice?